Wrapping it up in Arizona

Linda and I leave this afternoon for California. We’ll fly to LAX (standby, but things look good) then drive to Ventura this evening.  Tomorrow the California Adventure begins with my friend Don Desjardin (see March post).

The last three days since the starthroat have been fun though not too productive for year-birds. yesterday Bill and I went to California Gulch with Stuart Healy for the Five-striped Sparrow.  This was an ABA lifer for me, mainly because I was always too concerned over safety issues.  However, the Border Patrol now has a huge presence there (helicopter, ATVs, horses, vehicles and foot were all seen in action). I felt plenty safe and as you can see we found at least five males singing on the slopes around the north end of the gulch.

California Gulch, AZ (Photo by John Vanderpoel)

Five-striped Sparrow in California Gulch (Photo by Bill Vanderpoel)

We weren’t so lucky on the Rose-throated Becard found yesterday along the Santa Cruz R. though we spent at least five hours searching both yesterday and today. Here are some miscellaneous images of the last three days.

I’ve also updated the various lists.  On the main checklist I’ve deleted all the worksheets except current and the basic phylogenetic worksheets. Please let me know how you folks like this.



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4 Responses to Wrapping it up in Arizona

  1. Glad you got the Plain-capped Starthroat and Five-striped Sparrow! This morning I searched for the roseless Rose-throated Becard for 2.5 hours without any luck. A group from Brooklyn had been there since dawn without any sure sign of it. Good luck for the second half of the year! It’s been great following your adventures.

  2. Willbirdman says:

    Since you still need Long-eared owl, I’d suggest going to Amherst island on lake Ontario in November, since there have been as many as forty there in one day.

  3. Jim Vanderpoel says:

    Nice photo of this elusive lifer. What is Bill’s total for the year now?

  4. John Vanderpoel says:

    Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for the comment. Please contact me if it does show up. Also need White-eared Hummingbird and any other Mexican vagrant!

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